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Variety of Licensing Models to Address Business Customer Needs

licensing models

We sell our technology in several ways to satisfy the wide variety of customer needs.

  • Software site licenses providing volume discounts
  • Software Development Kits (SDKs)
  • Specialized software libraries for DSPs, micro controllers and MP3 players
  • Patent licenses providing low per unit pricing

We work with companies large and small. So whether you’re looking for a site license for your employees, an OEM arrangement so you can integrate our technology into your products, or to offer Enounce products to your students or customers, we can help.

Site License: Add Enounce to Your Company’s Software Portfolio

Your employees will improve their comprehension and save time spent in field training, continuing education courses, HR-mandated seminars, safety lectures and more!

  • Site-wide licensing
  • Site-wide installation packages
  • Flexible licensing for IT machine images

OEM: Add Patented Variable Speed Playback Technology to Your Products

Enounce software is packaged to be easily integrated at all levels of modern computer platforms’ media software “stack.” From Web Controls to DSPs, Enounce SDKs come packaged in a variety of languages and platforms to make it simple to add variable speed to your applications and hardware.

Integrating Variable Speed Playback poses a number of challenges across media presentation systems. Enounce has the knowledge, expertise, and intellectual property necessary to overcome these challenges and add this important capability to your product offering.

Enounce consulting services can develop custom software solutions that design and implement variable speed playback in a variety of consumer devices and computer software.

Our software was developed by a team of media professionals operating in a creative environment with specialized expertise and a basket of patented technology. You’ll find it far more efficient and effective to license from us than to build it yourself.

Companies like Cisco, Library of Congress, and MP3 manufacturers are just a few of Enounce OEM customers. For more information contact our sales department.


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