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Embed Variable Speed Playback Controls on Any Website

Your website visitors will love being able to control the speed of Flash videos on your site. Most videos move at the speed of speech, or 100-125 words per minute, while the average reader digests at twice that rate. Viewers are locked in to a speed that is often too slow for their learning capacity. Busy professionals and students want to control the pace of videos to increase their productivity and absorb critical information faster.

Visitors can:

  • Save time by being able to zip through familiar information and focus on important material.
  • Quickly review material to improve comprehension.
  • Watch more videos in the same amount of time.
  • Slow videos to take notes, digest complex material or better understand another language.

Website owners benefit because MySpeed Web Control:

  • Makes a site more compelling – users stay longer and watch more videos.
  • Increases traffic, retention and revenue.

MySpeed Web Control makes economic sense for as little as a few hundred users. Pricing begins at $4500.

Integration is Fast and Simple

MySpeed Web Control can be embedded on a website by simply adding a few lines of HTML/JS. Installation is performed once by users, similar and as easily as installing Adobe Flash. MySpeed Web Control is compatible with most Flash web players such as YouTube, JWPlayer, Flowplayer, Wimpy Player as well as lecture captures systems such as the Echo360 EchoSystem.

To see for yourself how Enounce Web Control might work in your environment, view our demos showcasing different video player technologies. See Enounce Web Control in action!



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