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Learn at the Right Speed

eLearning and Online TrainingMore and more education and training occurs remotely using online videos. But how much information do distance learning and corporate training students really internalize? MySpeed vastly improves comprehension by allowing remote business professionals and students control instructional video speeds to match their specific learning needs.

MySpeed lets users:

  • Save up to 50% of their valuable viewing time, improving productivity and aiding busy professionals with heavy workloads.
  • Focus on the subject matter most important to them.
  • Quickly review large amounts of information before important presentations such as sales pitches or customer training.
  • Slow videos down that contain highly technical or complex material.
  • Take quality notes.
  • Study important graphs, diagrams and tables at their leisure.
  • Set speed to a comfortable level, crucial for non-native language speakers building their confidence in the subject matter.

Why Allow Users to Speed up or Slow Down Important Training Videos?

The average reader digests 200-250 words per minute, and speed readers comprehend 400-600 plus words per minute. Instructional e-learning videos move at the speed of speech: just 100-125 words per minute. Students are locked in to a speed that is often too slow for their learning capacity. Busy professionals and students use MySpeed as a productivity tool to speed up video segments and absorb critical information faster.


Easy & Affordable

MySpeed is simple to use and affordable. Use MySpeed to improve comprehension and save time in:

  • Distance learning
  • Corporate training
  • Customer and channel partner training
  • Sales, engineering, support & staff training
  • HR training