Business Runs Faster With MySpeed

With the explosive growth of video for news, information, training, and education, businesses are faced with both a challenge and an opportunity. In this new information age, the winners will process more rich media in less time. How? With MySpeed, employees, partners and agents can digest at twice the rate of your competition. This elegantly simple solution might just be the biggest productivity breakthrough of this new age. Are you ready for the challenge?

Here’s How Your Business Can Increase Productivity and Savings

  • Sales & Staff Training – Online video enables remote learning and training, without the expense of travel. Add MySpeed and you’ll cut training time – and increase comprehension.
  • Financial News Gathering – Up-to-the second market news is critical in these uncertain times, and those who can sift through more information more quickly will profit with timely and informed decisions.
  • Competitive Information – Keep abreast of your industry, market and competition. MySpeed lets you winnow and parse in half the time!
  • Internal Marketing and Information – Keep employees, agents and shareholders up to speed with company news and data, channel information, and relevant activities, without sacrificing important work time.
  • Foreign Language Communications – In the new, flat world, the international language will be information proficiency – no matter what the language. MySpeed enables viewers and listeners to adjust the speed of videos to their individual level of comprehension for more efficient processing.

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Saving Time and Money is no Longer a Luxury … it’s a Necessity

Make corporate communications more engaging and effective by empowering employees to view at their own pace. Get your training, research and marketing costs under control and start adding immediately to the bottom line with MySpeed. By using less time in training and data gathering, your employees can spend more time being productive!

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Tell me how my company can get started with MySpeed technology. Tell me more about which licensing model works best for my company.


Add MySpeed to Your Website!

Want your website visitors to be able to speed up or slow down videos posted on your website? MySpeed Web Control allows you to place a speed slider bar on your site. It’s simple to embed and works with all Flash video. Email Enounce today to learn about a corporate MySpeed Web Control license or phone 650-494-6200 x28.

Give E-Learning & Training a Boost!

Learn more about how MySpeed can aid the e-learning and training efforts in your organization.

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