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Download MySpeed for Windows

Which Version Should You Download?

Download Version 5 if you purchased MySpeed Premier or purchased MySpeed or the upgrade after April 26th 2012.

Download Version 3 if you purchased MySpeed before April 26th 2012.  Or Click Here to upgrade your MySpeed 3 Serial Number to MySpeed 5.  Please note that the older Version 3 did not support the HTML5 standard that is used on most websites today.  

Current Version 5 Release


Updated February 2nd, 2019

Note: MS Edge Browser is not supported.  

Internet Explorer 11 HTML5 is supported.

Click here if you see the Windows protected your PC message during install.


Previous Version 3 Release

Note: This previous version is no longer supported.  Everyone should have upgraded to Version 5.

MySpeed v3.8.4.252 (download)

Updated: Wednesday July 2nd 2012 6:00pm PDT
Note: Version 3 is no longer compatible with Google Chrome or Internet Explorer 10.


Uninstall Guidelines: 

To uninstall MySpeed for Windows, first quit all browser applications, quit MySpeed and then use the standard "Uninstall a Program" (or "Programs and Features" if icon view) in in the Windows Control Panel.  See our MySpeed FAQ for detailed instructions