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2xAV Plug-In for RealPlayer

2xAV Plug-In for RealPlayer
The Enounce 2xAV Plug-In for RealPlayer gives you intuitive “slider bar” speed control to slow down or speed up audio and video from 2-1/2 times faster than normal speed to 3 times slower with no audio distortion or “chipmunking.” Works with any audio and video that plays in RealPlayer.


quoteI am able to download (my courses) and watch them at 2.5 speed with MySpeed. I've completed 18 credit hour semesters in the amount of time it takes to do 7!quote
–Jason E.
quote(MySpeed is) the perfect program for watching guitar runs on YouTube and slowing them down to learn the routine. Thanks for an absolute gem of an application.quote
–Andrew B.

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