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About Enounce

Enounce has one simple goal. To speed things up. Or slow them down. OK, that’s two things. So maybe that’s not the goal at all, but rather how we change things.

Like the speed of business, for example. Or the efficiency of study time. Or maybe to simply make watching video more fun.

We developed a Variable Speed Playback (VSP) application called MySpeed that allows viewers to manipulate the playback speed of Flash videos – from .3X to 5X normal speed. And here’s the cool part: we did it without scrunching up the audio files, so there’s no “chipmunking” in the sound.

We see zillions of uses for MySpeed – from education to business to entertainment. We think you will, too.

Our Secret Sauce

What’s the recipe? It’s our patented and proprietary technique for processing audio signals called “Time-Scale Modification.” This ultra-efficient, high-quality, real-time processing is so “computationally juicy” that we patented it.

We’ve bottled it in ready-to-use versions of MySpeed. Plus we make the technology available to developers who want to include our “slider bar” playback speed navigation into their own apps.

We’re changing the way the world watches video. We’re Enounce, and we’re all about Fast-Forward Thinking.


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