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MySpeed Frequently Asked Questions

What is MySpeed?
What is MySpeed Premier and how do I use it with files on my computer?
How do I download MySpeed again if I've already purchased?
How do I download the previous version of MySpeed again (I have not upgraded to V5)?
How do I upgrade to the new MySpeed Version 5 with support for HTML5?
I don’t really want to upgrade to MySpeed 5. Can I just keep using MySpeed for Windows v3 or MySpeed for Mac v1.43?
I installed the an upgrade but I don't want to purchase it. How do I revert back to using MySpeed for Windows v3 or MySpeedfor Mac v5?
Do I need a credit card to use the free 7-day trial?
What applications does MySpeed work with?
What are the minimum system requirements to run MySpeed?
How do I activate MySpeed after purchase?
How do I exit and close the MySpeed program?
Can I use MySpeed with MP3 & MP4 files that I have downloaded to my computer?
The video continually pauses and re-buffers every few seconds, why?
Can MySpeed be temporarily disabled without closing the program?
Can I minimize or hide MySpeed while a video is playing?
MySpeed appears to start at random speeds. Why is that?
Can I control playback speed with hot keys?
How do I stop MySpeed from loading automatically and grabbing control of the mouse?
How do I change MySpeed's start-up behavior?
How do I change the minimum and maximum speeds on the MySpeed slider?
How do I uninstall MySpeed from my system?