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Why Upgrade MySpeed

Upgrade to HTML5 Now

After Purchasing Upgrading,

Download the latest MySpeed (Win | Mac

And Activate with your same Serial Number

Boost your productivity by upgrading to the latest MySpeed. This new version offers:

  • Support for Yosemite and El Capitan with MySpeed for Mac Version 6 
  • Support for HTML5 video. Change the playback speed of HTML5 video content
    Windows: Internet Explorer (IE), Chrome and Firefox.
    Mac: Firefox, Safari and Chrome (see additional information about Safari and Chrome
  • Speed up or slow down YouTube┬┤s new HTML5 player, Hulu and Google Voice.
  • Toggle between normal and the last speed you used. Great for skimming, skipping ads and more!
  • MySpeed now keeps track of how much time you save.

How do I Upgrade:

  1. Purchase Upgrade for your existing MySpeed Serial Number by clicking the "Upgrade Now" button above.
  2. When purchase is complete, your current Serial Number will be upgraded and will now be able to activate the latest MySpeed.
  3. Next download the latest MySpeed  (Win | Macand install if you haven't already.
  4. Activate MySpeed using the same Serial Number that you upgraded.  You will not be sent a new Serial Number.

If you lost your Serial Number, please contact Technical Support using our Support Request Form.


MySpeed Premier customers always receive new versions FREE of charge.  Download Now (Win | Mac).

If you purchased MySpeed for Windows after April 26th, 2012 or MySpeed for Mac after July 1st, 2014, your MySpeed upgrade is free. Download Now (Win | Mac).

Enounce phased out technical support, updates and bug fixes on MySpeed for Windows v3 in 2013 and MySpeed for Mac v5 in early 2015.


See MySpeed in Action!


See a  Demo of MySpeed in Action!

What You Need to Know

  • MySpeed with Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X
  • MySpeed works with most online Flash and HTML5 video
  • MySpeed Premier lets you change the playback rate of MP4 and FLV files on your local computer
  • Lets you slow down streaming Real Time live video
  • See full Technical Requirments for details