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MySpeed detects it cannot work with Chrome
Monday, 21 October 2019 12:53

NOTE: this FAQ only applies to MySpeed version 5,6,2,455 and higher

As of Chrome version 76, MySpeed has had various issues working with Chrome. This has been frustrating for our users, and very frustrating to us as well.

You can also watch a tips and tricks video for working with Chrome that describes what is in this FAQ here.

So you are running MySpeed and Chrome and you are seeing this dialog appear:

MySpeed cannot work with Chrome

What does this mean? Essentially, MySpeed has detected that Chrome is running, but that it is not loaded into Chrome, or it is not loaded properly into Chrome. This means the MySpeed speed bar will not work and will not be able to change the speed of audio or video in Chrome.

You can address this issue a number of ways:

  1. You can click "Cancel", and MySpeed won't remind you again about this issue until you restart Chrome again later
  2. You can click "Close and Re-Open Chrome", whereupon MySpeed will attempt to close and re-open Chrome in a way that should work with MySpeed.
    • We do this by starting Chrome with the required command line parameters.
    • See this link: Chrome version 78 command line for more information on the command line we use.
  3. You can close Chrome yourself and the dialog will go away..see below for other options to have MySpeed launch Chrome for you
  4. You can tell MySpeed when to remind you of this again in the future. Note, if you select Never, then MySpeed really never will remind you again. Better to set a large number of hours like a week (168 hours) so it can help you again in the future

If this dialog repeatedly comes up, even if you are using the "Close and Re-Open" option, then you can try the suggestion in the dialog before the last resort of rebooting:

  1. Leave the dialog on the screen and Chrome on the screen
  2. Right click the MySpeed icon, select "Disable MySpeed"
  3. Close Chrome (the Close and re-open dialog will close itself once Chrome is closed)
  4. Right click the MySpeed icon, select "Enable MySpeed"
  5. Use one of the new Chrome launchers below to launch Chrome. MySpeed should now work with it.

If none of that works, then try a reboot before contacting support.

Here are some of the new UI elements that can help launch Chrome with the correct command line parameters.

  1. Using the supplied Windows Shortcut to launch Chromethat the MySpeed installer placed on your desktop called "MySpeed Chrome Launcher"
  2. MySpeed Shortcut to Launch Chrome
  3. You can right-click the MySpeed icon on your Windows System Tray, and select "Launch Chrome"
  4. MySpeed Shortcut to Launch Chrome
  5. You can click the system Menu on the MySpeed speed slider (the little icon in the upper left corner of the speed slider), and select "Launch Chrome"
  6. MySpeed Shortcut to Launch Chrome

We will continue to monitor Chrome changes, and try to come up with new and better ways to help you get the most out of MySpeed and Chrome.

Last Updated on Friday, 01 November 2019 14:37