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Chrome for Windows version 76+ not working with MySpeed
Sunday, 29 September 2019 00:00

Chrome, (Windows version) as of version 76 and later, is running its Audio Service in a separate, protected process. This prevents MySpeed from working with Chrome. The good news is you can disable Chrome running the Audio Service in a separate process with a command line parameter.


To test that Chrome is running the Audio Service in a separate process, run the Chrome Task Manager Window

  1. Launch Chrome, close all tabs but one
  2. Open a Youtube in the one tab
  3. From the Chrome “More Tools” menu, choose "Task Manager"
    Open Chrome Task Manager
  4. If you see a "Utility: Audio Service" task, then yes, Chrome is running audio in a separate process and MySpeed cannot work with it.

    Chrome Audio Utility Service

You can prevent Chrome from running this way by disabling the out of process Audio Service - to do this:

  1. Close all browsers
  2. Find your Chrome launch short-cut icon, either on you desktop or you Windows Launch bar.
  3. Right click the icon, choose ‘Properties”
    Edit Chrome Icon Properties

  4. In the Target: edit box, add this to the end of the line AFTER the last quotation mark --disable-features=AudioServiceOutOfProcess
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --disable-features=AudioServiceOutOfProcess
    Chrome Edit Properties

  5. Click the “Apply” button
  6. Re-launch chrome from your newly modified launch icon, pull up the task manager window like you did earlier, and it should look like this now with no Audio Services task.
    Relaunch Chrome

  7. (You may need to close Chrome and re-launch your newly edited Chrome link once for the command line parameter to take effect)

Common Problems with this fix

  • I can't change the Chrome shortcut and am getting an error
  • Are you getting a dialog box like this after clicking Apply according to the instructions above?
    Chrome Bad Path in Shortcut

    What is happening here is you are missing a space between the last quotation mark and the double dash starting the command line parameter.

    Note the space in the example below between chrome.exe" and --disable-features

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --disable-features=AudioServiceOutOfProcess

  • I made the change and it MySpeed still does not work!
  • If you made the change, check the Chrome task list again after launching chrome. Do you see Utility: Audio Service in the list?
    MySpeed will not work as long as that pesky Utility: Audio Service is there; this means that something else (clicking a hpperlink in an email, or some other program) has launched Chrome outside of your shortcut.
    Try these things:

    1. Change ALL Chrome shortcuts with this fix - including those pinned to your Windows task bar
    2. Turn off Chrome running tasks in the background;
      • Open Chrome Settings, Choose 'System'
      • Turn off: "Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed”
    3. If Chrome is your default browser, every link you click in an email or on your desktop, every time another program opens a web page, it will do so WITHOUT this fix
    4. ----> Prevent this by launching Chrome FIRST from your new shortcut and then do not close Chrome. Leave Chrome running and just minimize it if you do not want to see it.
      (Doing this will ensure that when you click a link in an email, it will use the Chrome you just launched instead of a brand new instance of Chrome)
    5. Check the Windows Task Listto see if Chrome is running before clicking your shortcut.
      • Right-click on a blank spot or the search bar in your Windows Task Bar (the long bar usually on the bottom of the screen)
      • Select "Task Manager"
      • Select the "Processes" tab
      • Do you see chrome.exe there? Then Chrome is running, even if you do not see it running on your PC
      • Stop it running the background by
        • Right clicking chrome.exe in the process list
        • Select "End Task"

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