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MySpeed puts more hours in your day

In a tightening economy, companies are looking more closely at employee productivity. It’s not personal, it’s simply economics. You need to stay ahead of the curve, and create more value from your time. But there are only so many hours in a day – how can you do it?

You can increase your worth, when you increase your speed – with MySpeed. Imagine “Speed-Reading” through the headlines, market reports, training courses and other videos in a fraction of the time!

Now you can breeze through even complex material twice as fast and not miss a single word. That’s because MySpeed utilizes proprietary audio compression software that doesn’t increase the pitch, only the speed. So there’s no “chipmunking” effect – even at the highest speed!

Slow down for better comprehension!

You’ll never miss a word when you control a video's speed with MySpeed’s “slider bar” to the speed that you’re most comfortable viewing and comprehending. That becomes increasingly important with complex material, new concepts, or language learning. You can use MySpeed to slow video down to a speed where you can comprehend more easily. And because you “get” the material the first time, you don’t waste time replaying it!

Who can benefit from using MySpeed at work? Business people like YOU.

dot Accountants
dot Communications and Marketing Specialists
dot Medical or Legal Transcribers
dot Reporters, Writers, Editors
dot Financial Analysts and Money Managers
dot Any Competitive Business That Needs to Stay Competitive

Invest in your own career. Buy MySpeed now and increase your productivity immediately!



quoteIt's not often that I am 100% blown away by a new product, but in my opinion, this is yet another turning point in the online world…quote
– Scott Hendison,
quoteThere’s a useful tool for online video that cuts yawns by reducing the three minutes to just 60 seconds.quote
– Financial Times
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