Update Available for MySpeed Version 1.x

Please use the link below to download the latest version of MySpeed 1.x.

MySpeed and MySpeed Premier for Mac OS X

Version: 1153
Download: Click Here to Download

This update is for MySpeed 1.x and MySpeed 1.x Premier.

If you have purchased a MySpeed license, you do not need to re-enter your serial number. Simply download and install the updated MySpeed software.

Optional Upgrade: Get Support for HTML5

Boost your productivity by upgrading to MySpeed Version 5. This new version offers:
  • Support for HTML5 video. Change the playback speed of HTML5 video content.
  • Speed up or slow down YouTube´s new HTML5 player, Hulu and Google Voice.
  • Toggle between normal and the last speed you used. Great for skimming, skipping ads and more!
  • MySpeed now keeps track of how much time you save.

MySpeed Premier customers always receive new versions FREE of charge.


  Upgrade to HTML5 Now

Only $9.99

After Upgrading
Download MySpeed Version 5


Version: (1153)

No thanks, I just want the latest updates for my version.


  • If you purchased MySpeed Premier or purchased MySpeed for Windows after April 26th, 2012 or purchased MySpeed for Mac after May 25th, 2013 your upgrade to MySpeed Version 5 is free. Download MySpeed Version 5
  • Enounce ended support for MySpeed Version 3 for Windows in early 2013 and will phase out technical support, updates and bug fixes on MySpeed for Mac Version 1.4x in early 2014, so don’t delay!



Technical Support Questions

For prompt service, please use the Enounce Technical Support Form.

MySpeed Premier

MySpeed Premier

Enjoy all the great features of MySpeed, plus work offline with downloaded Flash files. You'll be able to watch videos or listen to conferences while on the road or at home.

MySpeed Premier for Windows
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MySpeed Premier for Mac
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