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MySpeed for Mac Browser Plug-in

MySpeed Plugin for Mac OS X

The Enounce MySpeed Web Plug-in for Mac OS X will allow you to speed up or slow down MySpeed enabled Flash based web presentations.

Save your work! The Install Package will quit your browsers during the installation.


Download MySpeed Browser Plug-in for Mac OS X



System Requirements: See the Technical Requirements page.



  1. Save your work, the install package will exit your browser during the installation.
  2. Save the EnounceMySpeedWebPlugin.dmg image file to you desktop.
  3. Double click the disk image file
  4. Double click the Enounce MySpeed Web Plug-in for Mac Package file to start the installer
  5. After the installation completes, you will need to restart your browser.
  6. That's It! You are finished. The MySpeed Web Plug-in should function when you visit a MySpeed enabled Website.


To see a demo of the MySpeed Web Plug-in in action visit this Demo Page.



Why MySpeed Web Control?

  • Makes your site stickier. Users will stay longer and watch more videos.
  • Increase traffic, retention and revenue.
  • Enable visitors to:
    • Save time by zipping through familiar info and focus on the important parts.
    • Quickly review material to improve comprehension.
    • Watch more in the same amount of time.
    • Slow videos to take notes, digest complex material or understand another language.

Your website visitors will thank you!

Technical Info

  • Supported on Internet Explorer with ActiveX on Windows
  • Experimental support for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome on Windows
  • Experimental support for Safari and Mozilla Firefox on Mac OS X
  • API scriptable control allows you to design or integrate with your own User Interface