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eLearning Online TrainingOnline learning is booming – seminars, webinars, tutorials, college courses and more! While it’s great to learn when and where you want by simply launching an Internet browser, the pace is all wrong. The average reader digests 200-250 words per minute, but e-learning videos tend to move at the speed of speech: just 100-125 words per minute. Students are locked in to a speed that is often too slow for their learning capacity.

Busy professionals and students use MySpeed as a productivity tool to speed up video segments and absorb critical information faster. It’s equally good at slowing videos down so you can take notes, reviewing challenging information at a reduced pace or see how something physical is performed.

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Download a fully-functional version of MySpeed Premier for Windows or MySpeed Premier for Mac for 7 days. Enjoy videos at 5 times faster or 3 times slower than their normal speed! If your Windows PC or laptop or your Macintosh can view videos on YouTube, MySpeed will work! Try it FREE for 7 days, and you'll wonder how you ever lived without it!

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quoteI am able to download (my courses) and watch them at 2.5 speed with MySpeed. I've completed 18 credit hour semesters in the amount of time it takes to do 7!.quote
–Jason E.
quoteI was able to speed through all the information for my midterm. It saved me hours of time.quote
–Ron P., BYU Student