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You Know You’re Watching Hours of YouTube. At Least Make it More Productive!

Have More Fun – Waste Less time.

Of course you love YouTube and other video sites. The randomness. The bloopers. The sheer quantity of crazy stuff to watch! You could spend hours doing it.

But now, there’s a better way. With MySpeed, you can zip through Flash media faster with perfect sound quality. So you can breeze through videos quicker before you ditch them, or speed through the chatter ‘til you find the good stuff. It’s like speed-reading for videos.

And how about those annoying commercials at the beginning of news clips? Forget about that noise! Just blast through them at 5X until your selected feature begins. If that’s boring, zip through that, too. Think of MySpeed as the viewer-friendly technology that brings efficiency to the time-honored tradition of wasting time.

And here’s the best part; when you DO find that awesome scene – the crash, the kiss, the explosion, the squirrel on water-skis – you can slow it down to 1/3 normal speed for slow-motion enjoyment of the things that make you happy!

Video Wall

See actual Flash videos sped up with MySpeed to save time – or slowed down to enhance learning. Amazingly, voices are never distorted! How much time can you save?

Fast or slow, MySpeed variable-speed viewing is the perfect companion for your video habit. Speed it up to cover more territory, or slow it down to savor every last drop. MySpeed’s intuitive “slider bar” gives you a hands-on viewing experience.

It’s a crazy world out there. MySpeed helps you enjoy more of it!

Yes, I admit it, I’m a Vidiot. I want to feed my habit with MySpeed and get more of the good stuff, without wasting so much time.



quoteMySpeed is a crazy-awesome time saving tool that’ll let you speed up online video at will.quote
– REI Tips
quoteI’m totally addicted. I love that I can watch or listen to an online video at 2x speed. It cuts through all the stuff so much faster.quote
– John J.
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