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Play Downloaded Video (MP4) Files


This page is now deprecated as the 3rd party products mentioned are no longer being supported or available for download.  

Please see this page for information on using MySpeed with Downloaded MP3 and MP4 files.





MySpeed Premier will allow you to control the playback speed of Flash video that you download to a PC or Mac. The primary benefit of playing video offline is you can view the video while you are away from an Internet connection, such as on a plane or train, or when a low-speed connection can’t support the bandwidth required for high-speed video playback. To play video offline with MySpeed Premier you'll need two additional components not provided by Enounce.  The first is a way to download the video (while you are online).  The second is a player to play the video file once downloaded.  Below are basic instructions for playing most downloaded video (FLV & MP4) files.

Choosing an MP4 Player

Note: Enounce does not endorse or have a formal relationship with the third party products mentioned on this page.

Now that you have the video downloaded, you need a player that is capable of playing this video; but not just any player.  It must be a player that is supported by MySpeed Premier.  Currently MySpeed Premier supports the players listed below.  Use the links in this table to download the Player.

Player Windows OS X
RealPlayer 16 (Win | Mac)   MP4* FLV (only)
Moyea FLV Player FLV & MP4* no
Wimpy FLV Player
(v 3.0.12 only)
no FLV & MP4*

Note: QuickTime is not supported on Mac or Windows


For most FLV video we recommend RealPlayer because it includes the download capabilities we mentioned in the Downloading Video tutorial and it also manages your downloads in the RealPlayer library.  For MP4 Files you must use one of the other Players listed.

Once you have a player and have downloaded the video to your local hard drive and have MySpeed Premier or have upgraded to MySpeed Premier you are ready for a high-speed video playback.  Simply open the FLV or MP4 file with the appropriate player listed above and MySpeed Premier will activate and allow you to control the speed.

*Special Case: MP4 Files

MP4 (or MPEG-4) files are a special case video file format.  We often get asked about MP4 files and how can the playback speed of these files be controlled with MySpeed Premier.  MPEG-4 is a container format which means the audio/video inside may be encoded in a variety of formats. YouTube now stores hi-res versions of videos in MP4 format encoded with H.264/AVC. Adobe Flash is capable of playing these MP4 files in H.264/AVC format and MySpeed Premier can be used.  Other MP4 files from other web sites may not be compatible with Adobe Flash and therefore not compatible with MySpeed Premier. If you want to play MP4 videos, the best thing to do is to download the MySpeed Premier free trial and test them.

RealPlayer will use Apple QuickTime rather than Flash to decode and render these files if QuickTime is installed and MySpeed Premier will not work.  You must uninstall QuickTime if you would like to use RealPlayer with MySpeed and MP4 files.






See MySpeed in Action!


See a  Demo of MySpeed in Action!

Why Change Playback Speed?

The average reader digests 200 – 250 words per minute while the speed of most speech is just 100 – 125 words per minute. Use MySpeed to speed up video segments and absorb critical information faster. Or you can slow things down when you have to take notes, need to comprehend complex concepts, or simply want to see anything in detail, from how-to instruction to an awesome wipe-out!