Disable PepperFlash in Chrome

google_chrome_logoProblem: Starting with the release of Chrome v21, Google is now using PepperFlash instead of Adobe Flash. Many applications, including Enounce MySpeed for Windows v3 and Enounce MySpeed for Mac, do not work with PepperFlash.


Fix for MySpeed for Windows v3: Upgrade to MySpeed v5 or disable PepperFlash.

Fix for MySpeed for Mac (all versions): Disable PepperFlash (see below).


To disable the new PepperFlash:

  1. Open the Chrome Plugins page by typing this URL into the address bar: chrome://plugins
  2. Find the "[+] Details" button in the upper right to show the details of each installed plugin and click this button.
  3. Find the Flash Plugin Section in the list of Plugins.  There may be (1 file), (2 files) or (3 files) in this section.
  4. In the Flash section there should be 2 or 3 different versions of Flash listed.  If the Flash section only has one Flash file listed, Click Here to go to the Adobe website and download and install the Adobe Flash Plugin for Non-Internet Explorer browsers. 
  5. The first Plugin listed in the Flash section is the PepperFlash implementation.  You can tell that the first one is PepperFlash by looking for "PepperFlash" in the Location string.  See yellow highlight below.
  6. Find the "Disable" link and click that link.
  7. Now Close all open Chrome windows and tabs and restart Chrome and MySpeed should work as before.


Note: If no video will play or the website says that Flash is not installed after disabling PepperFlash, go back and Read Step 4 again more carefully.


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