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MySpeed Premier for Windows

MySpeed Premier for Windows

MySpeed Premier lets you view videos from 5 times faster than normal speed to 3 times slower! Also lets you view downloaded Flash and HTML5 files offline, so you can also watch videos on airplanes, at home or anywhere! Includes free upgrades.

What's the difference between MySpeed and MySpeed Premier?

Here's what you get with MySpeed Premier:

  • 0.3X to 5X Slider bar speed control of Flash and HTML5 video
  • 0.3X to 5X Slider bar speed control of downloaded Flash and HTML5 files
  • Works with downloaded videos so you can work offline *
  • Free upgrades

* Note: MySpeed works with videos downloaded to your computer; it does not provide the ability to perform the download process. Use RealPlayer video downloader or other video downloader available from sites such as Download.com. MySpeed will only be able to control the playback speed on supported FLV & MP4 players.  See our tutorial for more information.


quoteWith MySpeed I can learn English, piano and guitar. It´s exactly what I needed. Thanks for this application.quote
– Eric
quote(MySpeed)... saves me time when I'm watching long presentations by letting me hone in on the key parts of a speech quicker than I can with the basic control buttons on YouTube.quote
– Jennifer M.

Money-back Guarantee

Buy with confidence! If you’re not delighted with your purchase, receive a full refund. Learn more about our no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee.

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