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MySpeed on the latest Mac OS
Thursday, 01 October 2015 14:42

Please read this for more information about MySpeed on the latest macOS.

MySpeed will work with Opera and Firefox ESR on High Sierra, Sierra and El Capitan without modification. On Mojave and Catalina, you must disable System Integrity Protection for MySpeed to work.

Download and install the update at the link below for MySpeed.

Before downloading, clear any previous EnounceMySpeed.dmg files from your downloads folder.

Download:MySpeed for Mac (latest)

Safari, Chrome, and Consumer release Firefox users:

All these browsers are now employing sandboxing technology to actively prevent any third party product from interacting with them. Unfortunately, this means MySpeed cannot work with them. That said, there are other fine browsers, based on the Chromium and Mozilla (Firefox) source code bases, that work with MySpeed such as Opera, Vivaldi, SRWare Iron, and Seamonkey.

Disable System Integrity Protection

The supported way to disable System Integrity Protection in those cases where it's truly necessary is to boot into the Recovery partition and turn System Integrity Protection off from there with the csrutil tool (ref:Apple Developer Forums). See the "Disable System Integrity Protection"page on our site for full details.

Applies to: MySpeed for Mac Version Version 6

Operating System: OS X 10.11 and greater.

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