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MySpeed for Mac Does Not Start
Friday, 22 August 2014 18:30

MySpeed for Mac installs correctly but the MySpeed icon does not appear in the menu bar after install or when launched from the Applications folder.

This issue is almost always caused by incorrect permissions or owner on the user's home directory.  Follow the steps below to check and correct this issue.

  1. Using Finder, select "Go" from top menu and select "Computer"
  2. Navigate to your home directory typically located at: Macintosh HD->Users
  3. Select your user's home directory and press Cmd+i (or select File->Get Info)
  4. Expand "Sharing & Permissions" at the bottom
  5. Your username should be in the list of users who have access to the directory and should have "Read & Write" access
    If not, click the "Lock" icon in the lower right to unlock and make changes.
    • If your username is already in the list, but with the wrong Privilege, click on the line with your username in the Privilege column to change the permissions
    • If your username is not in the list, click the + icon at the bottom left to add your username with "Read & Write access
    • Now select the line with your name and from the "Gear" icon drop down, select [Make "<username> (Me)" the owner] where <username> is the username you just added or fixed in the previous step.

For more information and other ways to fix this issue see these articles on the Apple Support Communities:

Applies to: MySpeed for Mac Version 5

Operating System: OS X 10.8+


Last Updated on Friday, 22 August 2014 19:09