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Upgrade for Yosemite
Monday, 06 October 2014 14:37

I upgraded or want to upgrade to Yosemite, what do I need to do?


This new Yosemite release required significant changes to MySpeed and we needed to release an upgrade to MySpeed for Mac to support this new version of OS X.


How does this affect MySpeed users?

If you upgrade to Yosemite, you must upgrade to MySpeed for Mac Version 6.


Is there a fee for this upgrade?

If you have a Premier license, upgrades are always free.  Download MySpeed for Mac Version 6 below.

If you purchased or upgraded MySpeed for Mac after July 1st 2014, your license has already been upgraded to MySpeed for Mac Version 6 and you can simply download and install MySpeed for Mac Version 6 from the link below.

For all others, we are offering a limited time discount to upgrade to MySpeed for Mac Version 6. Even if you plan to update your Mac later, you should upgrade MySpeed now to take advantage of this one-time discounted price. If you wait, it will cost more and you'll have one more thing to do after upgrading.  Click here to purchase an upgrade for your Serial Number.


Download and install this latest MySpeed for Mac 6, click here.


Please note: If MySpeed does not work right away after this update, first try quitting all applications and then restarting the computer.   


Applies to: MySpeed for Mac Version 5 (and earlier)

Operating System: OS X 10.6 - 10.9


Last Updated on Thursday, 12 February 2015 14:38